Rosemary Wreath Christmas Place Card

Make these cute rosemary wreath Christmas place cards to decorate your holiday table!

rosemary wreath placecard

Rosemary Wreath DIY Christmas Placecards

I had some leftover rosemary in my craft room last week (you have no idea the randomness that room holds) and I thought that it would make an adorable mini rosemary wreath.  And if one was going to make an adorable mini wreath then shouldn’t one put a little bow and banner one that wreath and call it a place card?

Yes.  One should. So I did.

And you should too!

Rosemary Wreath Christmas Placecard Supplies

  • rosemary
  • floral wire
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • cardstock
  • pen or marker
rosemary wreath supplies

How to Make a Rosemary Wreath Christmas Placecard

Begin by wiring your rosemary into a circle.  I used two sprigs of rosemary, one over the other to create more fullness in my little wreath. 

You may find this is a little easier the fresher the rosemary is, as it stiffens as it dries out. After you get the wreath together you can trim or hide any excess floral wire.

how to make rosemary wreath

Add a bow (to see how I make “pretty” bows see this post) Next cut a piece of cardstock approximately 1/2″ by 3″ and write your message of choice-these would be adorable with names for a table setting or a generic message like I chose.

Using your fingers gently curve your cardstock banner to give it dimension. Snip the ends decoratively if you like.

banner for rosemary wreath

Use hot-glue to adhere the banner to both sides of the wreath and you’re all finished!

A cute, easy to make addition to any holiday table! I love these, imagine how you could change them up throughout the year by changing ribbons too!

A white bowl and plate with a rosemary Christmas wreath place card

Do you use place cards at your holiday tables?

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  1. Fact: This is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Also, since when is rosemary kept in the craft room and not the kitchen? Looks like I’ve been doing it wrong all these years… 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Linda!! I can’t wait to make more for our Christmas dinner next month. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Wow, your wreath is simply adorable! Brilliant idea to incorporate the rosemary, I’m sure it broight in a beautiful aroma!

  3. Thanks for the great place setting idea, using rosemary was a clever idea! We will be sharing your post on our Facebook Page, hope that is ok! Thanks for sharing.


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