DIY Iced Branches

diy iced branches

Want an easy and super fast holiday decor craft? Well lucky you because today I’m sharing how to make your own DIY Iced Branches! I’m so happy with how these turned out and it was one of the fastest DIYs I’ve done in a long time!


craft paste
diamond dust (ground glass glitter)

diy iced brnaches supplies

I ordered my Diamond Dust from Save on Crafts when I ordered the supplies for my Autumn Mantel.  The paste I used is an awesome new product that was sent to me to try a while back-it’s called Glu6 and it’s made from recycled styrofoam-very cool (and it smells awesome!) {Those aren’t sponsored or affiliate links just sharing my sources!}

Cover your work area with paper to catch the glitter. To start your iced branches coat the branches with paste.  I found the easiest method to be putting paste between two fingers and manually coating the branches starting at the ends and working down, working in sections so the glue didn’t dry before I added the glitter.

how to make iced branches

Add a good amount of glue on the branch (not globs of it but a thick coat to give the glitter something to “hold” to).  Pour the glitter over the branches or alternatively pour the glitter on the paper and dip the branches. Tap excess glitter off branches and allow to dry 4-6 hours.

make your own iced branches

Done! See, I told you it was fast!

A close up of DIY iced branches for winter decor

Are you going to ice some branches this winter? I think even my boys could pull this DIY off!

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    1. I tapped them off pretty well before using them and the only time I’ve noticed glitter coming off is when I accidentally bumped one on something.

  1. So pretty and I just so happen to have tons of branches outside waiting for me to rake them up! Much rather make them look pretty!

  2. think I might try adding some silver n blue branches as well. not sure about blue, but all 3 are classic winter scene colors. thanks for the idea 🙂

  3. Super smart idea you have there and I love the end result! Just had to stop over and check out the blog after finding this post via Pinterest. New follower looking forward to reading more!

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