Sherwin Williams Naval Bedroom Makeover

When I saw Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year it was love at first sight. Naval is a deep, rich navy blue that gives such amazing contrast, I knew I had to find a place for it in our home!

bedroom painted in sherwin williams naval

My first thought was to use it in our master bedroom. Randy has been asking me the entire 2+ years we’ve lived here to do something in that space but I was frozen without inspiration. He also asked me to make it less feminine. Enter: Naval!

master bedroom with agreeable grey paint

As soon as I showed him the color on Michael’s home gym walls and Karianne’s dining room, he was on board. We were painting the next day!

(The previous paint color was Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey, which was an improvement over the orange it was when we bought the house! See all the crazy paint colors the house used to be here.)

Thoughts on Painting with Sherwin Williams Naval

  • This is a HIGH CONTRAST paint that will show every wavering line. be aware that perfection is impossible and you won’t notice the little imperfections once your room is put back together…seriously I was in near tears during the process a few times, especially cutting in the tray ceiling by hand.
  • The paint also shows texture (Karianne had mentioned this in her post so I was prepared for this) it will show every detail!
  • Be prepared for at minimum two coats, possibly three. Also look at the paint in the light in different parts of the day before you declare it finished, it definitely plays off the light.
leather chair in bedroom painted with sherwin williams naval

In addition to painting the walls, we switched out our upholstered headboard with a cane headboard that matches Randy’s writing desk to further “masculinize” (is that a word?) the room.

writing desk and guitar in front of window in bedroom painted sherwin Williams naval

I’m not finished in the master bedroom, since obviously there is no art on the walls, that will be the final step for this mini-makeover.

What do you think of Sherwin Williams Naval? Would you add this color to your home? If so, what room?

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m looking for the right shade of Sherwin Williams blue for a bathroom I want to repaint. Fun note — I considered Agreeable Gray for the main walls in my new house, and ended up using Repose Gray.

  2. Thanks for the idea!!! I am getting ready to do redo my boyfriend’s and I bedroom and I was looking for a navy blue that I liked. And this is it 🙂. I now can’t wait to get started to work on the room.

    1. I hope you like it, remember it is hard to get straight lines and any unevenness looks super noticeable when its in the process but it looks way better once you are finished and the room put back together.

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