2020 Home Project Plans

It’s hard to believe it is already 2020. AND this is our third year in our home. As a military family that is actually a first for us!

This year Randy retires after 21 years in the Army and will be transitioning into working real estate and joining me on our blogs. (see links to the other blogs in the sidebar on the right)

With him home more we are ready to tackle some pretty big projects in 2020, ready to see?

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a sore point for me in this house. The biggest sore point. It’s totally functional but aesthetically I hate it.

We had the walls painted grey when we moved in and that shift in wall color makes our cabinets look almost peach. They also have a dark glaze I don’t love.

My biggest complaint with the kitchen though is the raised breakfast bar. I blog a LOT of recipes on The Happier Homemaker and Shaken Together and I have no room to take pictures on my counters, nor can I shoot more “cooking show” type of videos.

Here’s the plan for the kitchen:

  • replace the counters and lower the breakfast bar
  • paint the cabinets white
  • install new backsplash
  • replace the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs
  • replace the microwave, wall oven, and range (this may need to wait depending on budget)

As part of changing this space we’ll also be replacing the round table and chairs in this area to one that is bigger and can fit all five of us.

Dining Room Makeover

The dining room is the other area of the house I have not been happy with ever since we moved in. I very rarely show it here because of this. It’s been a while but I hadn’t been able to pinpoint what was bothering me until I went to the HGTV Dream Home last week. I came back so inspired!

dining room with agreeable gray paint

Here’s the plan in this room:

  • paint the walls white to give contrast with the dark wood furniture
  • add deep emerald drapery to add contrast and define the windows
  • Take down the cluttered looking gallery wall in favor of 1-3 LARGE pieces of art

Office Switchout

With Randy about to be working from home along with me we have struggled to define where his space will be. In the end I decided the best route would be for him to take over my office.

{No, we cannot share, he’s a bit overly organized and I’m “creative” and make messes, not good for our marriage!}

The office is my little feminine nook in the house but I honestly don’t use it much. I shoot my video and photos in here but once the kitchen is remodeled I can do that out there. So he will be doing the following:

  • painting
  • replace window treatments
  • replace the 18 year old carpet that is stained and wrinkled

In conjunction with the office move is a makeover of our large laundry room to turn it into almost a butler’s pantry and storage for me. We’ll be adding shelving to store my photography props and tripods/lights for easy access in the kitchen when I’m taking recipe photos.

Miscellaneous Projects

Those are the biggest impact projects and the highest priority. If we can, there are a few other things we’d like to tackle…

  • Randy has garage goals but I’ll make him write a separate blog post for that, that is his domain.
  • I’d like to makeover the guest bathroom with a new sink/vanity and some bold printed wallpaper or wall treatment.
  • Finishing off the master with new art and wall decor (there’s been nothing on the walls since I painted last fall!)
  • frame out and add door to our bonus room-so it can serve as a guest room and to contain the noise when our three boys are up there as it’s currently open to the living room below!
bonus room with agreeable gray paint

(this picture is right after we painted before moving in, just to show how we would frame out where the banister is to close it off to the open foyer and living room.)

Do you think we can tackle the whole list? It seems like so much when I write it all out here!

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