Kid’s Kitchen Cleaning Printable

Teaching kids how to clean a kitchen is so important as they grow up. Use this free printable kitchen cleaning checklist for kids to help them get the job done correctly every time!

printable checklist with tasks for kids to clean a kitchen

In the past I’ve shared a kid’s bathroom cleaning printable and a kid’s bedroom cleaning printable and have had many, many requests to make another cleaning checklist for kids to use to clean the kitchen.

After emailing with readers to see exactly what they are looking for, I came up with this easy checklist for kitchen cleaning.

How to Teach Kids to Clean the Kitchen

Checklist: I always use a checklist when it comes to teaching my kids to clean. It helps to make sure everything is done, every time.

You can also start teaching young kids to clean with my printable Kid’s Chore Cards featured in my shop. This is a super easy system for handing out chores for all ages!

Model the Behavior: It is very important when teaching kids to clean any part of the home that you teach them how to clean by example. Showing them exactly the process helps set expectations and ensures the job is done correctly.

When beginning to use this checklist you will want to show your child how to properly perform each task. Show them which cleaner you prefer they use, do you want them to use a sponge, cloth, or paper towels? Model the cleaning habits you want them to take on.

Teach Based on Age and Ability: Depending on the age of your child, you may want to introduce one task at a time based on ability. You may also choose to let your child master one task before introducing the next.

Set Good Cleaning Habits: All of these cleaning tasks may not need to be done every time the kitchen is cleaned. It’s a good habit to get into to at least check each task though. (Example: the trash may not need to be emptied every day but it’s good to teach them to check and take it out when necessary.)

Ready for your kid’s cleaning checklist printable?

Click here to download the checklist.

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