Faux Marble Succulent Planters

Ready to get crafty? Create these faux marble planters with just a few empty cans from the kitchen and marble print contact paper!

Faux marble planters made out of vegetable cans with succulents in them

With the weather {finally} warming up here in DC my mind is turning to gardening. I’m not quite ready for outdoor planting so last week I started dividing some of the succulents I’ve wintered indoors and I whipped up these super easy faux marble succulent planters to show them off in! This is a cute way to start seedlings and other small plants or just add a little accent to your decor!

A close up of vegetable and tuna fish cans in preparation to make them planters

To make these all you need is some empty can (or other straight sided vessel) and marble print contact paper. Thoroughly clean and dry your cans-be careful for any sharp edges at the opening.

A close up of a tuna fish can in preparation to make them planters

Remove the labels from the cans.  Measure the height and distance around the outside of the can and cut a piece of the contact paper to match. Then simply stick the contact paper to the can making sure it lines up smoothly.  I stuck mine just below the rim of the can for the best smooth result.

The words "turn cans into faux marble planters" with a tuna fish can above it

Do you like succulents? Here are a few other ways I’ve planted them in the past:

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  1. I admire your recycling of cans into planters, but feel backyard lawns are a waste of water and space. Planted five gallon pots of basil and froze pesto which lasted all winter! Expensive in market !

  2. This is a lovely idea! Sussulents always look so fresh. I love adding greens to the Easter baskets I make for my family, and these repurposed cans seem to fit great to my plans for thyis year’s baskets. For the last few monts I’m trying to reduce the waste we produce at home and reusing tin cans is a great addition to my list. Thank you for the good idea!

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