DIY Giant Pompom Wreath

Everyone loves a pom pom! This easy DIY pom pom wreath takes just 20 minutes to make and can be customized to any decor!

diy pom pom wreath

Y’all…I love a pompom.  I mean, what’s more fun than making one? So when I saw some super crazy thick yarn at the craft store last week I immediately knew I wanted to snap some up and make pompoms with it. 

But what to do with giant pompoms?

A big fluffy pompom wreath!

I’m totally in love with the neutral color but amazing texture of this wreath and while it fits with my white pumpkin obsession, this wreath is going to be a year round accessory for sure!


giant pom pom tutorial supplies

Step by step

To make these easy yarn pompoms we need to wrap the yarn around something about 5-6″ wide. 

There’s no need for fancy pom pom makers, I used the first thing of that size I saw in my craft area-a pack of jigsaw blades! You could also use a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Wrap the strands of yarn around your form about 40 times for each pom pom.

make giant pompoms

Carefully cut the end and slip the yarn off the form.  Cut another piece of yarn approximately 5 inches long and use it to tie a knot around the middle of the yarn.

tutorial diy pompom from yarn

Cut the loops on either end of the knot with sharp scissors to create your pompom.  Keep on pompom makin’ until you run out of yarn-I ended up with about 21 pompoms from two skeins.

attaching pom pom to wreath

Use the greening pins to attach the pompoms around your straw wreath, don’t forget to cover the sides of the wreath too.

I used a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon to the back of the wreath for as a wreath hanger.

A DIY giant pompom wreath hanging over a white pumpkin and lantern

Do you like it? It just makes me smile!

Are you a pompom aficionado like I am? What do you think of the wreath?

I think there could be so many fun ideas with this pompom wreath using different colors of yarn: green and red for a Christmas wreath, white for a winter pom pom wreath, pink and red for Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless!

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